Black Body Health Podcast

Black Body Health Podcast

September 11, 2020

EP06: No Ifs, Ands, or Butts: Lower the Cancer Screening Age

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Colon cancer is the easiest cancer to diagnose and the easiest cancer to treat. This week’s episode features Dr. M.J. Collier, the Medical Director of Atlanta West Primary Care.

Plus, we discuss the unfortunate passing of our superhero, Chadwick Boseman and his fight with colon cancer. May he rest in power.

Here are some key facts about colon cancer:

·       Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon or rectum. Sometimes it is called colon cancer for short.

·       It is recommended that colon cancer screenings begin at age 50, however, the American Cancer Society has recommended lowering the screening age. Screening tests may assist in discovering colorectal cancers early.

·       Symptoms of colon cancer can include abdominal pain, any change in bowel movements, blood in the stool, and nausea/vomiting.

·       A colonoscopy can last 30-60 minutes and medication will be given for relaxation. The doctor uses a colonscope that transmits an image of the lining of the colon. The colonscope is inserted through the rectum and advanced to the other end of the large intestine.

·       Omega-3 fish oil, probiotics, and vitamin D may support colon health.